Marks Farms aerial view
Marks Farms
6314 Cannan Rd, Lowville, NY 13367, Phone: 315.376-2540

MARKS FARMS operates in the Middle Black River watershed, Lewis County, about 3 miles south of Lowville, NY, along New York State Route 12 on the edge of the Adirondacks.

We milk 3000 dairy animals and care for 1520 replacement heifers and calves. The farm grows 2500 acres of corn and 2100 acres of hay yearly. Marks Farms is proud of its history and growth. Over the past ten years, the farm has grown from a small, family owned and operated dairy with 250 Holsteins to one of the largest, progressive, self-contained dairy enterprises in the state and has a major economic impact in Lewis County. Our success is attributed to a mix of sound business practices, applied science and technology and proactive planning. The farm is still a closely held family business. David and Jackie Peck and William Marks own and operate the farm. Dave serves as managing partner. Jackie oversees the herd health and calf operations and "Billy" is in charge of the equipment, maintenance and cropping operations.

The commitment of the family and an excellent team of herdsmen and an "outside crew" that have developed with us over the years are keys to our success. We employ 55 people representing 50 families. A great deal of the longevity we experience is due to the educational opportunities we present our employees and our willingness to include our staff in a variety of projects and our planning and development process.

Additional keys to our success have been our focus on cow comfort and animal health. We believe that our cows do well and are as productive as they are because of our focus on their health and comfort. Our focus on cow comfort is obvious in our well ventilated, clean and spacious barns, low cull rate, quality of our milk and the general health of the herd. Please view our photo gallery.

The complexity of economic, environmental, technical, and social challenges has led to the development of business strategies that require cutting edge research and development. To that end, Marks Farms has enjoyed working relationships with a variety agribusiness consultants, extension agencies, public utilities, private industries and universities. We firmly believe that our successes will continue as long as we strive to act responsively as we grow and develop. Our goal is to continue to grow and develop a model system while maintaining the "family atmosphere" and focus on animal health and well being that has brought us this far.

Our current business plan includes continued growth of our herd, the development of a manure handling system which includes sand separation, solids separation and composting, analysis of the applicability of aerobic digester systems, water treatment and wetlands development. Additionally, we have developed and patented an innovative machine (the “ALLEY CAT”) to remove manure and waste streams from our barns.

Alley Cat


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